Meet the Staff of Extreme Auto Mart

Josh Price Jr - Detailing

216-739-9200 -

Joshua is a student at our local Highschool, he helps out part time when not studying. He is looking forward to his first year of Highschool hockey this season.

Lenny Perkins - Lead Mechanic

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Lenny is ASE certified, he has over 40 years experience, 2 years with Roman, Josh Sr and AJ and there is not a engine or tranny job too big, he always makes it look easy. Lenny ensures that all of our vehicles are as close to new as possible. If you have an issue be sure to reach out to Extreme Auto Mart first.

Jen Dusek - Title's Manager

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Jen is a recent asset to our team, she has experience in collections, titling, customer service and management. Jen's always smiling and ready to help, if you have any questions regarding your title work, shoot Jen a quick email and she will straighten it out.

Michelle Starman - Comptroller

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Michelle has been an integral part of the Extreme family since the beginning. In the photo we see Michelle and her daughter, who also is a part of our Extreme family. Michelle is often called “Mom” by most of us because of the care and time she takes with everyone she meets. If you have any questions regarding detail please call Michelle.

AJ "Uffie" Salem - Finance Manager

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ATTENTION CLEVELAND: The Dream Team is back again, AJ "Uffie" Salem and Josh Price have worked together side by side in the Cleveland Market for years. Together at a previous location, they put over 185 good people into safe reliable vehicles over a very short period of time. If you have been turned down or quoted insanely high payments, call Uffie now. All of our lenders report to all 3 credit bureaus, there is no pre-payment penalty and your payments go towards the principal. Uffie is a proud father and family man, he knows how important a safe vehicle is and ensures all of our vehicle's are completely serviced before leaving the lot.

Joshua Price Sr. - General Manager

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Joshua is the one you need to see if you have been turned down for credit or quoted a rate higher than you feel you deserve. Josh's knowledge of local and national lender programs guarantees that our customers leave with the vehicle they want at a price they can manage. If there is a certain hard to find vehicle you need, reach out to Josh, he buys vehicles all across the U.S. daily. 

Josh started out as a salesmen at Rick Case Honda in 2001. After working for a few of the best local dealers in town and picking up on all of the knowledge they were willing to pass on, Josh and his family moved south and he was soon the Director of Sales for 3 Saturn Dealerships. After Saturn shut down Josh had the oppurtunity to continue his education and then started consulting for larger independent dealers. Josh soon realized that any dealer regardless of budget and/or size could present its self as professional as any large franchise. It's as simple a properly training the sales and finance team, no smoking in the showroom (still happens), clean restrooms and serviced cars. It is that simple to stand out in the Cleveland market, Clean Cars, Clean Titles, Clean Dealership. Luckily one day at work Josh bumps into an old friend from childhood who is also aggresivly innovating a different aspect of the car business, Abe Eadeh. Abe has similar ideas and the ability to turn the ideas into successful business's. Abe and his partner Tim Tsirambidis built a local detail empire with standards similar to that of a stay at the Ritz Carlton. Chances are if you purchased a clean vehicle at a local dealer, it was detailed and photographed by Extreme Detailing Cleveland. Tim and Abe discussed for years evolving into more than detail. Once Tim heard about the brief conversation between Josh and Abe on the ideal pre-owned dealership, Tim knew he had to make it happen. Over breakfast one chilly December morning, we three put our hearts and minds into it by January 1st, 2019 Tim, Abe and Josh open up Extreme Auto Mart at an old gas station on Brookpark Road. After a quick renovation we list 15 cars on-line and start detailing out of our 2 bays, 6 months later we have 70 units on the ground, we replaced a detail bay with a service lift for our full serviced units and a happy staff due to our frequent cook outs.